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Gina Hayes Bio

Koedam Kennels is very fortunate in having Gina Lyn Hayes join our team by providing us with her expertise and knowledge in training your puppy to be a happy safe member of the family.

Gina has been training dogs in one form or another-starting out as a child doing canine care and kennel work. She has shown dogs in Confirmation, worked and judged dogs nationally, and has taught trainers throughout the United States. She belongs to many canine organizations which can be found on her website and has her own trademarked method of dog training.

Clients refer to Gina as the original "Dog Whisperer" and even the newspapers described Gina as the leading "Dog Guru" back in the 90's.

Gina has been kind enough to allow us access to her handouts to read and learn from if you want to train your puppy to be the best puppy he can be. All Gina's handouts have copyrights, please use discretion when sharing information.


Gina Hayes is a Professional dog trainer who brings over 25 years of training to the field, with clients as far away as Japan, Italy and Bermuda. Gina lives on Cape Cod, but teaches clients weekly throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and down to New York City! Gina is well known and respected for her custom Residency Training Program and will even pick up and deliver! Gina's first role model and mentor was her father, who was a Field Irish Setter breeder. In her adulthood, she turned to bloodhounds, showing in confirmation and also working bloodhounds for police departments. Originally, she started working the bloodhounds, as a private citizen but eventually became a police officer and an EMT. During this time, she attended various training such as grief counseling, mentoring and other areas. Gina was lucky to have Robert Swabe (ret. FBI Special Agent) as her mentor in the working dog world. She also received the invaluable assistance of Bill Tolhurst (Niagara Ct. Sheriff's Dept), Glenn Rimbey (ret. New Mexico Penn K-9), Ken Burger (ret. Chicago PD K-9) and many others leaders in their fields. During 8 years of schooling and training, Gina attended courses in various psychology areas, reading body language and all phases of dog training, from companion dogs to working dogs. Gina worked her bloodhounds primarily in rape investigations, testifying in several cases, in Superior Courts as well as Supreme Court. Over the years Gina became a National American Bloodhound Club Trailing Judge and Instructor, as well as a Trailing Board Committee Member. She was also an active member in Bloodhound Breed Rescue and belonged to ABC, as well as Colonial Bloodhound Club and PrairieLands Bloodhound Club. She assisted many bloodhound handlers in training and with her judging, from as far away as Switzerland. Gina also became very interested in therapy dog work, finally becoming an Evaluator for Therapy Dogs International in the early 90's.

Her love for Therapy Dog work evolved and has become a large part of her career. She has trained hundreds of therapy dog trainers across the Northeast and Texas! Gina is also the founder of the very active Cape Cod Therapy Dog Program, which has approximately 20 teams and does approximately 10-12 monthly visits. Gina also holds intensive Therapy Dogs 101 Training/Testing Workshops throughout the United States in order to help the new Therapy Dog teams! If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area, you and your dog can attend for free. Contact Gina for further information! To further the Therapy Dog work, she became interested in Canine Freestyle Dancing. She teaches and belongs to the Cape Cod Canine Freestylers, which puts on performances to community events and nursing homes. Gina is proud of teaching others who have gone on to founding other groups. Spreading the word and helping bring smiles to the communities is what it is all about! About 15 years ago, Gina returned to her first love, the Irish Setter. She remains a member of the Irish Setter Club of America, the Irish Setter Club of New England and the small Irish Setter Rescue of Cape Cod!